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Princess Ousley

Princess Ousley

Princess Ousley ELITE BUSINESS STRATEGIES, LLC EDUCATION American Intercontinental University Masters of Business Administration Specialization: Organizational Psychology and Development

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Bachelor of Science Education and Psychology Degree

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Program Management Regulatory Compliance Financial Management Grant Accounting Policy and Procedure Development FEMA CERTIFICATIONS IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800, IS-703 DISASTERS MAJOR DISASTER DECLARATIONS 1840 - Severe Storms, Flooding, Tornadoes and Straight-line Winds 1831 - Severe Storms, Flooding, Tornadoes and Straight-line Winds 1806 – Hurricane Gustav 1785 – Tropical Storm Fay 1680 – Severe Storms, Tornadoes and Flooding 1609 – Hurricane Wilma 1602 – Hurricane Katrina

EMERGENCY DECLARATIONS 3293-Hurricane Ike 3288-Tropical Storm Fay 3259-Tropical Storm Rita 3220-Hurricane Katrina Evacuation

FIRE MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE DECLARATIONS 2902 – Slope Fire 2819 - Martin County Fire Complex 2765 - Brevard Fire Complex 2696 – Okeechobee Fire Complex 2692 – Caloosahatchee Fire Complex 2690 – Black Creek Fire 2689 – Suwannee Fire Complex 2687 – Deland Fire Complex 2684 - 53 Big Pine Fire 2638 – Volusia Fire Complex PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

Prior to co-establishing Elite Business Strategies, LLC, Ms. Ousley served as manager over Florida’s Domestic Preparedness Program within the Division of Emergency Management. In
this role, she was responsible for the implementation of the Department of Homeland Security Grant Program, which is comprised of five interconnected grants: State Homeland
Security Program, Urban Areas Security Initiative, Operation Stonegarden, Metropolitan
Medical Response System, and the Citizen Corps Program. During her tenure, Ms. Ousley
managed over $255 million in federal preparedness funding appropriated by Congress. As a part of her duties, Ms. Ousley facilitated long- range planning activities;
coordinated staffing matters, audits, and accreditation; assisted in the preparation
of the Division’s Annual Legislative Budget Request as it related to Domestic
Preparedness; and ensured operational procedures were carried out accurately and effectively.

Ms. Ousley has also served as a Senior Advisor in the Office of Policy, Planning and Budget. There, she was instrumental in negotiating national partnerships, integrating activities, and improving efficiency by supporting the realignment of responsibilities among FEMA directorates and the state of Florida’s community preparedness e f f o r t s . Nationally acknowledged for her contributions in emergency management and community preparedness, Ms. Ousley has been recognized by former President George W. Bush, and was appointed to President Obama’s Building Diverse
Communities Taskforce. During this time, Ms. Ousley also led in the expansion of
Florida’s State Emergency Response Team through creative partnerships with Voluntary,
Faith-based and Non Government Organizations.

As a member of the State Emergency Response Team, she has served as the Deputy Officer for
External / Public Affairs, where she directed Governor appointed staffers in the Emergency Operations Center, Emergency Support Function 14-Public Information office. Her duties included
the development and implementation of both communications plans and external outreach activities. Ms. Ousley was also responsible for media relations through her role as the press spokesperson. As the Human Services Branch Director, she was able to coordinate mass care needs throughout the state of Florida. She served in these leadership positions while working over 30 state emergencies, including the initiation of response and recovery efforts for 22
major presidentially- declared disasters.

Ms. Ousley has been a member of many taskforces and committees to address community development
needs. She has worked with Florida’s Recovery and Mitigation office to address community development needs by working to reduce or eliminate long-term risks to human life and property from disasters. Through these efforts, she has coordinated initiatives that help rebuild both lives and communities impacted by major disasters. Most notably, Ms. Ousley led in providing Community Emergency Response Training to the citizens of Haiti through a creative partnership
with the Haitian Resource Development Foundation (HRDF). Ms. Ousley offered technical
assistance in developing a CERT program in Haiti that included the development of an
academic and practical curriculum; a training process; and a methodological and operational CERT program that was integrated into the Haitian Civil Protection System for Disaster Preparedness.


2013 – 2014 – New York State Hazard Mitigation Plan, Risk Analyst/Mitigation Planner Ms. Ousley served on the hazard mitigation team responsible for the successful completion of the 2014 State Hazard Mitigation Plan update. Served as a technical writer and ensured compliance with the DMA 2000, Unified Hazard Mitigation Guidance, and other applicable federal guidance as required. Ms. Ousley coordinated all internal and external outreach to stakeholders and interested parties. In addition, Ms. Ousley developed and implemented the quality assurance and quality control review procedure utilized throughout the planning process.

2010 – 2012 – Florida Department of Education, Office of Emergency Management, Program and Security Manager Responsibilities included developing and overseeing the implementation of various security activities for 1400 employees, which involved the management of security personnel and the maintenance of building access functions. Ms. Ousley’s responsibilities included the coordination of emergency management budget requests, developing spending plans, tracking program expenditures and providing quarterly updates to the Department of Homeland Security. She served as one of the department representatives for Domestic Security Committees, Task Forces, and Working Groups related to K- 20 Education and the Campus Security community. She provided support to the development of the State of Florida Hazard Mitigation Plan, including drafting the Strategic Plan portion. In addition, Ms. Ousley was responsible for developing projects to assist Florida’s K-12 public schools and institutions of higher education with mitigation strategies.

2008 – 2010 – Florida Division of Emergency Management, Bureau of Finance and Accounting, Domestic Preparedness Program and Grant Manager Supervised and directed a team of 7 employees: 4 full-time workers and 3 other personnel services employees (OPS). Responsible for the administration, outreach, coordination, and operating efficiency of the following Homeland Security Grant Programs: State Homeland Security, the Urban Area Security Initiative, Urban Area Security Initiative for Non - Profits, Citizens Corps, Metropolitan Medical Response System, Transit Security, and the Buffer Zone Protection, which exceeded $255 million in federal funding annually. In addition, Ms. Ousley was responsible for the annual preparation of the Homeland Security Legislative Budget Request and the accurate submission of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) internal and external reports such as the Biannual Strategic Implementation Reports (BSIR), the Categorical Assistance Progress Reports (CAPR), the Initial Strategy Implementation Plan (ISIP), and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Served as project lead for the Florida State Preparedness Report which was used to identify assets, assess capabilities and prioritized risks. Reviewed program processes and tools used to aggregate and analyze risk assessment results, established priorities based on risk, and determined protection and continuity initiatives that provided the greatest mitigation of risk. Devised federal grant applications, and created annual program scopes of work for state agencies, local government entities, and private sector recipients. In addition to the assurances made as part of the application, Ms. Ousley implemented program policies to ensure recipients and subcontractors complied with all applicable statutes, regulations, executive orders, OMB Circulars, award terms and conditions, including Federal Environmental and Historical Preservation requirements. Ms. Ousley simultaneously, improved program efficiency, which led to a 95 percent reduction in state audit findings. She was responsible for on-site and desk-top grant and program monitoring of state agencies, local jurisdictions, and non-profit organizations. She served as a key-note speaker throughout the state and has been selected to serve on state and federal panels to promote Florida’s Community Preparedness initiatives.

2007 – 2008 - Florida Division of Emergency Management - Bureau of Response and Recovery, Citizen Preparedness Grant and Program Manager Under Ms. Ousley’s direction, Florida became nationally recognized for its citizen preparedness efforts by increasing statewide membership by 45 percent. Evaluated federal and state policy issues and presented the necessary recommendations to leaders at all levels of government. Ms. Ousley reviewed and approved applications from entities requesting to become state recognized programs, and conducted audits to ensure sub-grantees were in compliance with federal and state contract requirements. Ms. Ousley managed a budget that exceeded $1.2 million, and she supervised the execution of all aspects of contract and grant duties, which included preparing funding agreements, expenditure projections, and monitoring plans in accordance with DHS requirements.

2006 – 2007 - Florida Division of Emergency Management, Legislative and External Affairs, Deputy Officer for External / Public Affairs

Effectively partnered and communicated with stakeholders to establish standards, goals and updated policies for program initiatives to build and ensure ongoing success. Ms. Ousley improved overall internal and external communication, establishing rapport that encouraged community participation and support. She employed her public relations expertise and technology skills to direct the design, creation, training and delivery of a promotional media piece showcasing the diversity and accomplishments of the agency. Ms. Ousley has also written and presented executive- level speeches, and developed graphic presentations for public relations use. Designed and delivered a range of presentations to diverse audiences in multiple forums that utilized research, strategic planning, and disciplined communication skills to develop plans that effectively engaged, informed, persuaded and motivated audiences.