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Lynn Steffensen

Lynn Steffensen

Mr. Lynn Steffensen is a master instructor with NortWest Arkansas Community College, an academic partner of the RDPC.

Mr. Steffensen presently provides diversified planning, training, exercise and educational development services to all levels of government, private industry and educational institutions. He serves as an exercise evaluator for FEMA Radiological Exercise Program (REP), accessing state and local government’s response plans. Mr. Steffensen has served as a senior certified trainer for delivery of the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEPP) Mobile Training course and has taught multiple train-the-trainer courses throughout the United States. He has taught most aspects of emergency management through the FEMA/state curriculum offerings and has assisted in the development of business and government continuity plans under crisis conditions.

Mr. Steffensen holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in adult educational management. He holds the credentials of a master exercise practitioner and has served as a training and exercise developer, having developed and conducted a variety of exercises and training throughout the United States and abroad.

Mr. Steffensen served as senior manager of the Operations, Community Liaison and Administration sections of the Utah Comprehen¬sive Emergency Management and served as the state coordinating officer assisting FEMA staff in the aftermath of the Salt Lake City tornado. He also represented Bank of America security interests with the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Committee (SLOC) and the Utah Olympic Public Safety Command (UOPSC). He wrote Olympic related bank contingency plans and served as member of SLOC intelligence dissemination sub-committee. Mr. Steffensen also interfaced with community emergency management and UOPSC for terrorism and demonstration intelligence impacting the Olympics. He served on the State Emergency Management Infrastructure subcommittee for the Olympics, addressing contingencies based on infrastructure compromises. He developed and conducted mini-scenarios to exercise bank associates on potential incidents at the Olympics.

Mr. Steffensen has served as the Utah State Exercise Training Officer and managed the state emergency response exercise program. He developed and conducted all levels of exercises throughout the state. He directed promotion of emergency management, key asset protection, public safety and security information and awareness, and marketed programs, learning packages and services to statewide audiences. Mr. Steffensen has also developed and assisted in the implementation of appropriate interventions and strategies to maximize performance of the emergency management and response community in such areas as domestic terrorism, WMD, CSEPP, safe schools, and natural and technological disasters.