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Jason Sirney

Jason Sirney

Mr. Jason Sirney is a master instructor with Eastern Kentucky University, an academic partner of the RDPC.

Mr. Sirney is currently an emergency manager with the combined city and county Sacramento Office of Emergency Services. He started his career with the U.S. Forest Service working in fire suppression, fire prevention and law enforcement. He continued in the fire service employed with the cities of Big Bear Lake, Loma Linda and later Ontario. Mr. Sirney later accepted a policy analyst/project manager position with the City of Sacramento, which led to his emergency management appointment.

Mr. Sirney is responsible for the delivery of all aspects of emergency management. Among these are community wide emergency planning, incident response and coordination, and providing training and exercise delivery to internal and external participants. He has provided instruction in EOC (emergency operations center) operations and management, emergency planning for schools, public works role in emergency management, National Incident Management System (NIMS), and the Incident Command System ICS).

Mr. Sirney has responded to a wide variety of emergencies, both as a first responder and as an emergency manager. These incidents included the earthquakes in Big Bear, Landers and Northridge, numerous large wildland fires, such as the 1993 Southern California fires. He has also responded to severe weather and flooding incidents as well as the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. His experience in the fire/EMS, law enforcement field setting, general government and policy analysis, public safety project management and emergency management/homeland security cross into both rural and suburban environments.

Mr. Sirney holds an associate of science degree in fire science, a bachelor of arts degree in geography/urban and regional planning, and a master of public administration degree and a master of science degree in emergency management. He has been designated as a Certified Emergency Manager® by the International Association of Emergency Managers.