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Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols

Mr. Harvey Nichols is an instructor for NorthWest Arkansas Community College, an academic partner of the RDPC.

Mr. Nichols has 30 years in high level management positions in various manufacturing environments, with Fortune 500 companies. During that time he has been heavily involved in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforcement and safety, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and reporting, Hazmat training, and enforcement with very large companies.

Mr. Nichols has been with the Institute for Corporate and Public Safety at Northwest Arkansas Community College for over four years. Mr. Nichols possesses FEMA certifications in the IS 100.b Incident Command System, IS 200.b ICS for Single Resource and Initial Response, IS 700 National Incident Management System (NIMS), and IS 701 NIMS for Multi Agency Coordination System.

Mr. Nichols possesses extensive experience in facilitating and training, course development in safety, hazard communication, management development, and leadership skills.