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Tribal Nations Report

Training Needs Of Emergency Responders In Tribal Nations: An RDPC Comprehensive Report

Established in 2005 by Congress, the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC) develops and delivers all‐hazards and Whole Community preparedness training to rural communities across America. The RDPC specifically targets rural audiences in its training efforts, which includes emergency responders within the 566 Federally-recognized American Indian and Alaskan Native Tribes.

American Indian and Alaskan Native Tribes have unique safety and security issues, and in many cases are the only response force that is available in rural and/or frontier locations throughout the nation. Although homeland security training is currently available to these first responders, research to validate their training needs and current demographic information is extremely limited. To fill this gap, the RDPC conducted a training needs survey of responders from American Indian and Alaskan Native Tribes in 2009. This report presents the results of the survey.