RDPC’s School Safety Courses Make an Impact

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RDPC’s School Safety Courses Make an Impact

RDPC’s School Safety Courses Make an Impact

The Center for Rural Development’s, Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC), and their academic members, and instructors do an amazing job meeting the needs of small, rural, and tribal communities across the United States.

The Center is always eager to hear positive feedback from communities where RDPC courses are having an impact. In recent months, several participants who have completed AWR 148: Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents – Partnering Rural Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Local School Systems, have reached out to let us know what an impact the course information received will have on their communities. Michael Collins, a participant from Newberry, SC, even took the time to send a handwritten note to the course instructor to express his compliments and gratitude.

“It was one of the best courses I’ve attended in my 30 year public safety career. These guys are Superb! Thanks for a great experience.” Michael Collins, Newberry SC, AWR 148 The safety and security of our schools is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. In light of recent events, many states, school districts, and individual schools are updating their training procedures on how to prepare for a crisis. It is crucial we ensure first responders in rural and tribal communities have the information needed to handle a school related crisis. In 2018, RDPC provided AWR 148 to over 1,300 participants across 20 states; saving states just over $400,000 by providing this training free of charge to the participants. RDPC aims to fill the training gap in small, rural, and tribal communities where funding is limited.

“The information from the training will be shared and used here at our school. In fact, we already have a plan to practice our reunification plan.” Tammy Reardon, RN, Bethlehem Elementary School

The New Hampshire Governor recently issued a letter to School Administrators in New Hampshire informing them of new recommendations from a task force he convened to lead school safety efforts in the state. Attendees of the AWR 148 course held in Conway, NH in May of 2019, contacted RDPC staff to let us know that this course is helping them achieve those objectives. Tammy Reardon from Bethlehem Elementary School in New Hampshire contacted RDPC soon after attending the course to let us know her school has already implemented some best practices which were discussed during the course delivery.

The AWR 148 course is in high demand. The course educates rural law enforcement personnel as well as school administrators and staff on the elements that must be in place to effectively collaborate on planning and preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a school-based incident.

“Not only do the participants get the opportunity to hear what the best practices are for school safety through the curriculum, they get the opportunity to have discussions from maybe a different school district or different Emergency Services agency on what they are doing in their community that is increasing the safety of the children in their schools.” Scott Lowry, RDPC AWR 148 Instructor

RDPC also has an online version of this course to meet the needs of those struggling to work training into their busy schedule.

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