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All RDPC courses have been certified by the US Department of Homeland Security.

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All RDPC training is available at no cost to qualifying jurisdictions. Fill out the form below to request a course delivery in your area. Before making a request to host training, please consider these suggestions.

Tips and Tricks for Requesting Courses

Have you…

  • Contacted your state homeland security training office to notify them of your interest in RDPC training? They can offer assistance in securing the training, can share the experiences of others within the state that have hosted RDPC classes, and can inform you of schedule conflicts in the region that may impact attendance. They can also help get the word out about the training to other communities. By making contact with your training office prior to requesting a course, your request can be processed more quickly. If you are unfamiliar with the contact in your state, please notify the RDPC Helpdesk at 1-877-855-RDPC (7372).
  • Contacted other agencies and organizations in your jurisdiction to determine their interest in the training? Much of our training is tailored for multiple disciplines, so it is recommended you contact those additional target audience members to determine their availability and interest prior to requesting a class. The target audience for each course is listed within the detailed description. (Click “Training” menu item. Select “Course List” to find the course you’re interested in, and then click “Read More”.)
  • Determined potential date(s) for training and whether they conflict with other local or state events that might impact attendance? Attendance at the training can be adversely affected if there are other trainings, meetings, exercises, conferences, or events that occur on or near your selected dates. It is important to check the calendar before scheduling!
  • Reached out to surrounding cities, towns, counties, parishes or tribal areas to determine their interest in joining your training efforts? In order to meet the minimum seat requirement (usually 20 students), it is recommended that you open the class to your neighboring jurisdictions who may be called upon to offer (or need from you) mutual aid support during emergency response efforts. Also consider inviting representatives from community stakeholder groups, such as local chambers of commerce, volunteer organizations, private sector groups, school systems, local emergency planning committees, tribal officials, etc. If your jurisdiction is in close proximity to the border, consider inviting responders from the neighboring state(s) to attend. Reaching out to these groups, organizations, partners and stakeholders can help bolster attendance and increase networking opportunities for those in attendance.

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    Note: Internet Explorer is not supported by this website. To successfully request a training class, you must use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

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